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Erectile Dysfunction: What You Should Know

For most men, erectile dysfunction is only common in old people. It might be a normal circumstance for older men or when a man reaches a certain age, there are also a lot of young men today are having this problem. A study was conducted in 2013 showing one-forth of men under the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction. Due to underlying physical conditions older men tend to suffer having poor erection due to diabetes, heart diseases, circulatory as well as nerve systems. Physical health problems in young men can also affect greatly in his bedroom performance. These are some of the the causes on erectile dysfunction in young men.

What is erectile dysfunction and its causes?

Erectile dysfunction in men shows different evidence:

Failure to have erections

Manhood is too weak to have sex

Sex is impossible since erection only last for a minute or two.

While other have several symptoms, others only has one. It can also be chronic for others while some occurs every now and then.

Here are some prevalent causes of erectile dysfunction in young men:

Alcohol: More likely alcohol is the reason if he is most of the time active but only after he gets a few drinks. There are different ways how alcohols can affect our body and one of which is, it does not give you an erection.

Nervous system is greatly affected on how much alcohol we take. The effects of alcohol in our body slows down the capacity to pick up sensations

If a guy has less sensitivity on his package, then it is impossible for him to get hard.

Blood vessels opens up when we drink alcohol. No erection can happen simply because the blood that should be going directly to your manhood will automatically go out without having an erection.

Continuous drinking or heavy drinkers may have constant erectile dysfunction symptoms. Too much alcohol consumption messes up with the testosterone levels as well as maintaining sex drive.

Psychological issues: Trying to get an erection while feeling depressed, stressed can also hamper the ability to get you manhood up.

Having these conditions hinders the hormonal balance in once body thus increase stress levels decreases the testosterone.

It is difficult to feel attracted during sex when a man’s mind is distracted by all the negative feeling linked to his condition.

Frequent masturbation trains their manhood to react to some form of stimuli.

Masturbating is not a problem for most men. Their are some men who go to their happy place more often do not react to situations such as having a partner and that is the problem.

There are 2 reason behind this, viewing hard core pornography and using death grip on their manhood.

If you rely so much on self pleasuring and what you see is not mimicked you lose the ability to get a hard on with your partner.

Try to check your self pleasuring habit if you can perform well on your own but could not get it off with a partner.

Relationship problems: Sometimes the reason for erectile dysfunction is your relationship itself or your partner. Unresolved issues, lack of trust are the common causes of unhealthy sex life with each other.

Taking extra care of your manhood is a must, but you should also check potential culprits to make sure erectile dysfunction will not be a problem. Proper hygiene and instantly provide attention to any skin problems that may arise.

Your manhood experience friction everyday, so always check the skin condition. If dryness occurs, use health creams intended for your manhood.

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