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How To Make The Best of Your Wedding Plan

Do the announcement: There are a number of couples out there who would never like it if somebody else get to know their big news before their parents do or some of their family members. If you can, you just have to tell both sets of folks yourself. If you have parents who are living far away from where you are right now, you should put in phone call especially for them.

Let your dreams be opened to every possibility: You need to sit down together with you fiance so that you can talk ideas. You should be talking about what would be the style of your event, whether you like it to be a beach bash, or a breathtaking ceremony on a mountaintop, or an elegant sit-down dinner in a ballroom. There should be no talk about money – yet.

Consider the timing: While you may yet to set a firm date later, it would be a good idea if you can have an idea of what season or month would you rather get married. Then you will be able to know just how much time should you make sure that everything is already organized. It is also very important that you make a guest list as soon as possible because only then will be get an idea of the size of your wedding, where you can possibly hold the event, how much will you aim as your budget, and whether it would involve travels or not. So you should make your list now. You can always choose to cut it later but the first number should be considered as your base.

Now bring up the topic of budget: You should know for a fact that it would be very rare these days for the bride’s parents to pay the entire bill, so you should decide on your bottom line yourself. You just have to find out just how much can both of your parents contribute.

Organizing everything: It is advisable that you get a notebook and have it separated into different sections where you can input each of the budget category. By doing this, you can easily write down the cost of an item and label it with the corresponding expenditures. As you go nearer to your limits, you may then start looking out some ways to effectively cut costs.

The WHO and WHERE of the ceremony: When it comes to finding a ceremony site and an officiant, you can actually do it quite easily – if, say, you’ve planned to marry just in your hometown church. Even if you’ve been away from there for a long time now, you may still have family members who are still living there and can help you out.


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